Jio is the new oil – New tariffs announced









New tariffs announced for jio by Mukesh Ambani.




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Elections Survey for Punjab Vidhan Sabha 2017

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Possible Reliance JIO Mobile plans

Down below are the plans which might be coming to Jio and if we compare to other providers these are pretty cheap. Lets hope Mukesh Ambani don’t disappoint.


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Flashpoint paradox


Its Happening! As per news sources a lot will be happening in the new season of The Flash, mainly The Flashpoint paradox. Although it will only be for few episodes, I can’t wait to see how they do it in the TV series without Batman!.

But there are some questions I have about the flashpoint and it’s really confusing.

  1. Barry stopped The Reverse Flash from killing his mother at the end of the season 2, but why did he do it? He knows this will cause ripple effect in the timeline and everything he have will change, even Iris confessed her love after a long wait!
  2. When Barry fought The Reverse Flash to stop him murdering his mom, didn’t he reverted the original timeline? As Eobard Thawne is responsible for changing it, by killing Nora Allen and the stuff that will be happening in flashpoint is what time originally intended to do.

Whatever happens next season it is going to be epic and totally comic booky. The flashpoint ripples will be seen in the other Arrowverse shows and surely there will be a four night crossover between the shows Supergirl, The Flash,  Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. It is confirmed now that villain of the season three of the flash will be another speedster Savitar, possibly replacing Zoom? maybe, only time will tell. Also Kevin Smith is returning to direct an episode The Flash and Supergirl next season.

Tell me what you think will happen next season.